Cultural Meal Etiquette Virtual Poster

Doneija Phillips & Brian Rone AKA Mr.Model

Italian Culture

1.) Ladies extend their hand first to men while meeting and greeting.

2.) Friends may greet each other with a kiss on the cheek

3.) If you are invited then you have to pay for the meal.

4.) Hostess begin eating before the guest.

Italian people mainly eat pasta like meals like pasta & spagetti. The foods have something to do with pasta like or noodles and meats. They celebrate St. Stephen's day on December 26. They also celebrate All Saint's Day on November 1.

Italian culture have many differences from an American culture. In an Italian culture every time kids are invited, the guest are welcomed by small gifts. But in America we only give kids gift if it's like an occasion or something important to them. Italian women do not pour wine for the guest. But us, American waiters or anyone that gives them wine are mostly women. But both cultures is similar in some way. We don't yawn or eat with our mouth open. Dirty or worn close are unacceptable while dining out.

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