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End of Season Gear Sale

kayaks, paddles, life jackets, and other useful items

Saturday, November 15th

At 41° North Kayak Adventures, we provide our customers with the tools and skills to enjoy our slice of the Great Lakes safely and responsibly. That's why we offer quality instruction and kayak rental experiences using knowledgeable staff and great equipment.

With that commitment to quality, comes a commitment to using only the best equipment. That means properly maintaining our fleet during the season, and replacing older gear periodically in the off-season. So if you're looking for a used kayak that's got a few dings (or more than a few!) but still has plenty of life left in it, this sale is for you!

Join us this Saturday from 12pm-4pm at our warehouse in Rocky River (see map below) to see what we have to offer.

Most kayaks have normal wear, while some have minor damage that has been repaired by our resident kayak handyman. Prices for most kayaks range from $300-700, depending on condition and age.  We'll have some kayaks with un-repaired damage that we will be giving away heavily discounted or even for free.      And, yes...we do accept credit cards.

So stop by, have some coffee, chat up our instructional staff and check out some great deals on used gear.

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