Meaning: Original Person

Past History

There original location was northen  United States. Nearly   150 different  kinds of  bands.

Present:   History Minasota  , Wisconsin and Michigan .Some problems they are having is that they are banded and not being able to go to other  tribes.

Food :  Wild rice,  corn,  nuts,  fruit,  buffalo meat. These are some things they ate.

Clothing :    Chipawa women wore long dresses and Chipawa men wore leggings and breech cloth.

Homes:   villages ,large buffalo-hide in tents called tipis. How they are designed there homes are  made with  wood and strings and sticks.

Tools: Ojibwa worriers used bows and arrows, clubsfails,  and hide shields.

Games: Some things they did for fun is Fishing, Hunting, and some girls played with dolls.

Interesting facts !

Canoeing is still popular in Ojibwa nation today.  There were no horses in North Amarica  until colonists  brought them over from Europe. Most Ojibwa people speak English but some speak their Native Ojibwa lengauge.


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