My explorer proposal

I ask that you read this and chose to help me fund my expedition

Tis is my home flag. I am planning on waving this flag on my ship.

The year is 1559 and I Tyler Moore, a Dutch explorer, need help funding my expedition to the southern area near St. Augustine in the new world. I have come from Holland to wish that you, Sir Edward the fourth, monarch of the mighty England empire, help me with my trip. I hear that you wish to spread religious power around the world and wish for gold and other natural resources from the west. I will get you that gold and religious power and while I am at it I will try to find metal and gunpowder to have better cannons to increase our chances of winning sea battles. I also wish for gold and spices. I would like these resources because if I have these materials we could claim more territory for England and fight off those Spaniards and of course I would bring back some gold to repay you for your generous offers to my expedition. With your help I can expand England's territory on the coast of the new world by taking away St. Augustine from the Spanish. There has been word around Europe that there are two other big explorers out in the near there right now. Those explorers are St. Francis Xavier and Francisco Coronado. They are mainly searching for gold in the supposed seven cities of gold and they are also looking for spices like salt. If we are being attacked by the Natives or other Europeans and our hunt for gunpowder we will hopefully not be attacked because of shear terror of how our cannons. We will only participate in war if they start it first though. I know how expensive wars can get so I will stay out of combat. Finally, I expect to encounter a few sea monsters on my journey especially near the peninsula in which I will have to face in order to claim that land in so I ask that you send my off in your finest ships. I have asked people along the way to England where the explorers that are in the process of sailing will not interfere with our journey route because if they do we have no other way to communicate.

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