Aquarium Project
Noelle & Savannah


Angelfish's maximum size is 6 inches long.  They need to live in 76- 86 degrees F.  They swim in the middle of the tank and need at least 29 gallons.  They do not do well with aggressive tank mates but they themselves are not aggressive.  

Fish Tank

The small tank 30 by 10 by 14 inches, so it can hold 18.225 gallons of water. One bag of gravel is 1.5 inches. The volume of one bag of gravel is about 2.7.  


The corkscrew plant costs $1.50. The Jungle pod costs $12. The Roman Ruins are $40.

Itemized budget

fish- $4.99each     we bought 4     total cost: $9.98

tank size- small      cost-$150.00 we bought 1   total cost-$150.00

filter -$55     we have 1    total cost-$55

heater- $36   we have 1   total cost-$36

light-$40   we have 1    total cost-$40

gravel-$5.50   we have 1    total cost- $5.50

plant- corkscrew   we have 1    total cost-$1.50

plant-jungle pod    we have 1     total cost- $12.00

decor- roman ruins    we have 1   total cost- $40

                           FINAL COST= $349.98


2 x 4.99= $9.98


We chose the angelfish because they were not too expensive and were pretty.  They do not get along with aggressive fish but they are not aggressive.  The tank size we used was the small.  This can hold 18 gallons of water.  We used this because we got few fish and did not need much space.  The total amount of water used is 349.98.

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