Peacekeeping In Liberia (UNMIL)

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c) In 1989, a rebel leader names Charles Taylor started a civil war against the president of Liberia, Samuel Doe. The war offically lasted six years, until 1995, however a second war broke out in 1997 lasting until 2003. In 1997, Taylor took office, by having the ECOWAS and UN help hold a democratic election, but many rebel groupd formed against Taylor's presidency, and this stared the second war. From 1989 to 2003, nearly 200,000 people died, mostly civilians, and 850,000 fled from Liberia. The UN started a new program called the United Nations Mission in Liberia. They put 15,000 military personel, with 250 military observers and 1,000 police officers. These troops helped stabilize the nation as well as striving for things like disarmament, child protection, and addressing human rights. The stability helped to have two democratic elections since the war. As well as addressing human rights issues like women rights which are currently much better than before the war.

d) 1. The main opponents are the rebels, and the presidency of Taylor plus the UN peacekeepers.

2. The US assited the UN in helping Liberia to create a national security force.

3. Currently there are 5,869 total peacekeepers in Liberia to keep the peace and stability post war and to prevent the breakout of another war due to political wants.

4. The cause was from Charles Taylor who started the war in order to get Samuel Doe out of power. This caused many cililian deaths. The war caused different ethnic groups to split and start to fights. However it was started purely over political reasons. Doe got rid of the democracy and held unfair elections, for this reason Taylor rebelled. However, his army often massacred cilivians that were part of the ethnic group called Krahns.

5. Firstly the Economic Community of West African States started a peace campaign during the war. Along with the aid of the UN, they were able to end the war and hold a free election where Taylor won. However this caused more fighting from rebel groups. This made the UN start the UN mission in Liberia where they put 15,000 peacekeepers to maintain stability.

During the war hundreds of thousands were killed, and even more were displaced. One in every seventeen Liberians were killed. The ecomony and sturcture of Liberia was also destroied. Rapes and murders were commited by the soldiers to innocent people.

Was it a just war?

No. Firstly, it was started for a polictical reason, therefore it does not have a just cause. Also thousands of innocents were killed, so it did not follow noncombatant immunity. Finally, the war was not started for the right intention. It was started for political expansion, which is not a acceptable intention.

e) Map of Liberia

f) A huge problem during the war was child soldiers.

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