End of year Project
By: Erika Macias

Letter of recommendation

To whom it may concern,   

It is in my great honor to write this letter of recommendation about Andrea.I have seen her great achievements boom from the 4 years that i have known her.Since the time i have know Andrea great communication skills have made myself realize that this is part of her great socializing skills. Organization is something that i have see improve through out the years of associating with Andrea.

  Andrea's profession with working in groups of people has not been an issue with her at all, in fact she loves working in pairs.  This work in fact help out for Athletic Training in so many ways. Keeping the teams organized and safe is one of Andrea's goals , she understands that helping athletes get hurt is a serious concern. Andrea is the person to make your company go above and beyond.
 She has an outstanding way of focusing where she is supposed to be and how to handle certain things. With that said Andrea will prove that her hard work payed off and thanks to your company she can do what she loves


Erika Macias

Persuasive essay

  Having good people in the world can prevent so many things that occur in an everyday situation. Robberies , stealing , and killing is on of the many factors that are caused by "bad people." Even though we don't know what this certain person has gone threw.
Peace is what we need its what can bring all the communities from war and poverty. Bad people always find such ways around the law that the good don't even need laws. Surrounding your self with good people can improve the person you  are. Never having peace is horrible, people in the street more that the ones struggling at home why should we have a government there to tell us how to live our everyday life ? think about that , let that sink in. So many messed up things in the world yet still no one does anything to change the fact that it is continuing to happen. think of you where in there shoe. Take everything you have imaging how you would live life with out a phone , a computer .. You wouldn't have the education you do know. It would be much harder to get your work done.

Letter of intent

Erika Macias

3756 Ricker Ave

El Paso , 79938

May 18,2015

Mr.Trevizo ,Teacher

Soccoro independent School District

2476 Sun country

El Paso , Texas  79938

Dear Mr.Trevizo,

The opportunity that i will have to make the district a better place is my main priority

 Main project goals are to make the campus shine. The students are very important part of the district , therefore it would be my job to make sure the students success is my job

  Teaching is a part of my endorsement and i am willing to do the best i can for this district.


             Erika Macias


Erika Macias


3695 Cample rd



Working at my professional standard and leaving in the medical field as a part of my life.


Elementart : Cedar Grove, Benito Martinez, Elphida P. Chavez

Middle school : Sun Ridge Middle

Highschool : El dorado 9th grade academy / Pebble hills Highschool


- Volunteer work @ the food shelter

- Work shop @ parents buisness

- Help around the community


- Communication

- Group work

- Speech

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