Canada is  a rare breed cause of there government, they have a Constitutional Monacry which means they have a constitution and have kings and queens.

The view in Canada is unbeatable views Mountains, rivers, lakes. You can view these almost anywhere.

Canada is a big leader in timber exports they send out timber, and will you are they you can hunt many animals bear, moose, deer, caribou, big horn sheep, bison and you can fish.

Canada has adopted Multiculturalism, which means you dont have to worry about being left out.

They have a Charter Of Rights, its just means that you have rights like people have in the United States.

Canada has a Prime Minister which is pretty much like a president. The name of the Prime Minister is Stephen Harper.

Imports of Canada are; cars, crude petroleum, computers and gold.

Canada had Refuges in the day which means people held in one spot.

First Nations of Canada are the British, French.

Other fun things to do when you in the great white north skiing, fishing, sight seeing and snowmobiling.

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