Saving Lives One Cross At a Time

                                              By: Sophia Ferguson

         When everything goes up in flames when there is no more water or food the Red Cross will be there. When there is a tsunami when the wind is howling the Red Cross will be there. When the volcano erupts when there is a war or a bomb the Red Cross will be there. The Red Cross responds to nearly 70,000 disasters every year.

           I nominate the Red Cross for the Nobel Peace Prize. I nominate them for this prize because The Red Cross provides food, shelter, health, and medical services and they have made a huge impact on humanity. They have saved many peoples lives and even given them homes.

          The founder of the original Red Cross, Henri Dunant, was a swiss businessman. He strongly believed in the importance of caring for others and the duty to the community. Dunant originally wanted to be famous by making a book. Ever since Dunant was a kid he was not a very good organizer, but was very persuasive. Later in his career his organization The Red Cross won the Nobel Peace Prize and I think they should win again

            The Red cross has a very big medical impact on the world. There are approximately 5.6 million blood donors every year. Every year about 2,700 hospitals and transfusion centers receive blood from the Red Cross. Every year on average they reach over 100,000,000 people across the globe. The Red Cross is one of the largest humanitarian networks in the world. The American Red Cross is the leading provider of health and safety courses. This is just one reason I think that The Red Cross has a huge impact on the world.

            Another reason I think that the Red Cross has a huge impact on the world is the disasters the Red Cross helps. The Red Cross has 13,000,000 volunteers in 187. More than 100,000 people that had to deal with a disaster were helped in 2013. Lastly, the Red Cross responds to approximately 70,000 disasters every year. That is just one more reason the Red Cross should win the Nobel Peace Prize.

              I think the Red Cross is courageous because they help patients with ebola and that is one of the most courageous things you can do because ebola is very very contagious. I think The Red Cross is very perseverant because even if their patients are not cooperating they still wanted to help.I think they are also not self centered at all because they never celebrate themselves or give themselves rewards they celebrate others and give others rewards. These are just some of their amazing character traits that deserve to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

              I think the Red Cross should win the Nobel Peace Prize because of their amazing background, their wonderful impact on humanity, and their amazing character traits.

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