Vine or Instagram? That is the (video) question.


#TackkTip: Don't make it a big production. Add a quick video to your Tackk with Vine or Instagram.

Videos used to be the provence of guys with big cameras and editing studios. Not anymore, my friends! Today's phones are smarter than we could have imagined, helping us capture (forever!) moments that might otherwise have been lost to cloudy memories and still images.

So, go ahead. Pick up your phone. Make a quick clip in Instagram or Vine. Just film what's going on around you.

Now, embed it in your Tackk:

1. Copy the video's URL from Instagram or Vine. (Help? Instagram, Vine tips.)

2. Create a new Tackk or open an existing one. Select 'Video' from your widget bar.

3. Paste the Instagram or Vine URL.

4. Click Embed. And you're done! Look!...