By Kristen Luzar


Everybody is capable of doing something. If you try you will succeed. I slip behind so easily in my school work and then my marks go down as well as my confidents. I start thinking I’m not smart so why even bother.

I started trying to get caught up on my work and putting effort in my work because I was sick and tired of being behind on everything. One of the main reasons I was slipping behind was because of my hockey. I enjoy it yet also get distracted by it so easily. I did very well this past hockey season I practiced really hard but school comes before hockey no matter how much you love and are good at the sport. Once I started doing my homework I was all caught up and it is honestly one of the best feelings in the word being caught up. I am caught up right now and I hope to stay this way until the school year ends which is very soon. My hockey season is over now so I have no excuses for not doing my homework.

It’s my last month of middle school why not make it a good one. I don’t was to be known as that girl who doesn’t care about school or many things because I do care. Sometimes I don’t show it though.



Nothing bothers me more than when people are not willing to do or try something new. When I give my friend’s suggestions and they say “no that’s a bad idea”, I get mad! If I think it’s a good idea I will try to persuade them until they say yes. I’m the type of person that never backs down and I always have to have the last word. Being persuasive is a good quality to have. It can help in many different areas of life such as jobs and getting the most out of life. For example, a lawyer and a sales person need to be very persuasive. It can be a negative quality in relationships because sometimes you don’t take the time to hear the other person’s point of view. The person I am most persuasive with is my Mom. I often fight with her to get my own way. I obviously can’t be as persuasive at school because I have to respect my teachers. I’m sure Mr. Mcauslan will remember me as a student with a persuasive attitude.

I believe the lesson here is that persuasiveness is a skill that you have to know how and when to use properly so that it helps you through all different situations in life.


I enjoy being athletic. My main sport is hockey. I started playing when I was five years old. For 9 years now I have been playing. That shows how much I love the sport. Without hockey I would be so bored every day after school. Lots of people know I play hockey and they admire me for that. I want to go far with my hockey. I have come a long way since I have started playing because of how much I practice and train every week. Also during off season I do dry land 4 times a week. I train and practice because I want to go far with hockey and hopefully get a scholarship. I hear teachers at Allan Drive talking about guys or girls and how far they have come since they went to Allan Drive. I want to be that girl being talked about for hockey. Although I’m not the smartest I could be one of the best female hockey players that went to Allan Drive. I have the athletic ability to make this dream become a reality.


I never try to be someone else or act like someone else. I would rather people love me for who I am then for who I’m not. I’ll admit I can be weird at times but people like it because of the things I say and do.

Some clothes I wear are typical girl clothes but I also wear clothes that are different because I don’t want to be that girl who wears the same clothes as most other girls these days. You will get more compliments for wearing your own unique clothes than the same clothes as most other girls. It’s honestly not about the brands it’s about what looks good on you. It doesn’t matter if it was cheap and from a not so in style store. That just means more clothes for yourself.

People will never stop judging other people, but show them that you are better than that and stand up for yourself and even other people who you may not even know. You will be well appreciated.


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