When I was Nebula life was easy. I have 2 older star siblings. Life is good as a Nebula. My nickname is Neb.


Well now I'm a Protostar. I have grown some and my siblings have grown  but my nickname is still neb. It doesn't make since to me because I'm a Protostar now. Maybe my nickname can be Pro now.

                    Main Sequence Star

I am teen now. I am now called MSS. ( Main Sequence Star ).  My siblings are fully grown. I can't wait til I'm a fully grown star.

                             Red Giant

Now I am finally an adult. I am a Red Giant and I am very bright and big. I'm even bigger than my siblings. Well I'm very " hot ", like the sun.

                    Planetary Nebula

Well I'm getting older. Soon I will be an elder. My siblings are very old. I cant beileve im not a Red Giant anmore. I really miss those days.

                          White Dwarf

Still getting old. I look diffrent than I did before and I'm really bright.

                            Black Dwarf

I'm as old as you can get. I don't shine and I have some wrinkles on me.

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