Civil War Journal

By: William Donnelly

Journal Entry 1

    I am a Union soldier from the United States civil war. At the age of 17 I joined the army and by the age of 18 I fought in my first battle. I was lucky to make it out alive... most of my comrades died in the war some even in my hands when they fell. I do not think anyone will know the civil war as I did. No one can really picture traumatizing images of their friends, brothers, and parents coated in a sea of blood. I fought and killed people, I was forced to murder my own countrymen, and if that was not enough I had to watch my own father and brother die at the hands of my ally. I only hope that by the end of this war people will remember me as sergeant George Ekan.

Journal Entry 2


John: Thanks, possums.

Saloni: Hunky Dory!

Caylie: Here are the greenbacks!

William: Been through the mill, have ya?

John: I’m played out from all this partying.

Fiza: Lets have cake! I will cut it with Arkansas toothpick


John: I’m feeling the quick-step comin, gotta Skedaddle!

Caylie: I’m whipped, bye guys!

Journal Entry 3

Dear mother and father,

     I have urgent news that I need to share with somebody who will listen. Today in our camp I watched a man be punished with "bucking and gagging" and that man was one of my friends! I hate to say this but I argued with a superior about the punishment my friend got simply for asking a question to his officer. I hate to worry you more but after I disagreed they made me wear a barrel around camp. I hate these officers. They are unbelievably angry and forceful and they do not listen to anyone. They are selfish, cold hearted men who find punishments to be some sort of specialization. They are about as bad as slave owners beating their slaves and they will not stop to listen to me or anyone but the officers. I wish I was home with you... this place is garbage.

Your son,


Journal Entry 4

Page Twelve

- James is most likely one of the people who died in the battle

- If James is dead and Jerimiah finds out Jerimiah will probably begin to hate war and wonder why war could be so cruel to take away his brother

- If James is not dead Jerimiah will probably be very happy because out of all the people who were killed his brother was still alive with Jerimiah

- Seeing so many dead bodies must have had a dramatic effect on Jerimiah's view of war because he had only heard of deaths in great numbers but had never really seen strings of bloody dead bodies lying on the dirt and grass.

Photo Prompt: Fun

Caption: Morning Bird making annoying chirps

Journal Entry 5

Fight For Rights

The night is come, the south are here, find your guns pull the trigger, the south are finally here.

Grab your muskets and your bayonets, fight for what you think is best, fight for truth, fight for freedom, fight for what you think is right.

Chorus: Freedom... Freedom... FREEDOM!!!

The battle has begun don't turn back now! Shoot the South! break their ranks! Win the battle and free the slaves!

Backround sound: BANG, BANG, BOOM, SLICE

We're winning troops look ahead, the South have gone to full retreat, this battle's over, lets push forward, Freedom is now one step closer.

Journal Entry 6

In camp I considered myself lucky because I had a deck of cards which I had brought with me to camp. For fun I would play solitaire if I was alone and with other people I sometimes played Spoons, Go-Fish, War, and any other games we thought would be fun. Camp food was definitely not appetizing, however over time I found that eating things such as corn by tearing off the corn and not eating straight off the cob could be much more filling.

Journal Entry 7

Throughout this was I have not only seen death from guns and physical contact I have witnessed death from sickness. I am lucky I avoided sickness for now because things like small pox make me shiver. Watching huge boils pop and grow on skin disgusts me. The only way to fix it right now is by cutting into the skin to remove the boils which is painful and deadly occasionally. I hope this never happens to me cause I would rather die from a gun than a sickness slowly killing me from the inside and making my physical appearance look like a demented animal with a disease.

Journal Entry 8

Coming home made me never want to go in a war again. Fighting for the Union was good for my country and I'll never forget the people who were with me in combat but I can not stand shooting people and murdering others for days on end. Watching my friends die and seeing the bullets fired from my gun pierce the organs and flesh of a human has scarred my life.  I do not want to enter the war ever again and now that I am home I am undergoing a recovery season of my life trying to forget what happened. Looking back is frightening, looking ahead is dangerous.

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