Emery Matthews

Proven Strategic Acumen and Investment Expertise

About Emery Matthews

A native of Detroit, Michigan, Emery Matthews rose from a disadvantaged upbringing to achieve success in the investment industry. Mr. Matthews attended the University of Michigan's business school on a full scholarship, then enrolled in Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School in a dual JD/MBA program. Backed by an LSAT score in the 99th percentile and a GMAT score in the 90th percentile, he secured a Bert King Foundation Fellowship. While in graduate school, Emery Matthews intensively researched and wrote on real estate property development.

Emery Matthews also honed his skills in real estate and the law during the summer by working as an associate with several industry leaders. Serving under the consultants of Bain & Company in Chicago, he developed effective improvements to the procurement process that resulted in $1 million in gains, while reducing costs. In an earlier role with the law firm Miller, Canfield, Paddock & Stone, PLC, of Detroit, he applied reclassification strategies that protected more than $7 million in assets for a single client.

After receiving his MBA and JD, Emery Matthews channeled this business acumen into the real estate investment industry. He has since provided innovative and fully compliant services to a number of prominent Detroit firms. Currently the director of institutional services with Signature Associates Cushman & Wakefield, he has secured more than $2 million in potential monthly revenue from new clients.

Historically Significant Sights of Munich, Germany

A well-established real estate entrepreneur, Emery Matthews studies German and Chinese history and culture and has visited both countries on multiple occasions. One of Emery Matthews’ favorite destinations in Europe is Munich, which is located north of the Bavarian Alps and, with nearly 1.4 million people, is the largest city in the region. Reflecting its long and colorful history, Munich offers a number of culturally significant sights, including the baroque Nymphenburg Palace and the storied Residence.

The Nymphenburg Palace is one of the Continent’s largest royal homes and was a summer residence for several generations of Wittelsbach rulers. Built in the 17th century in a landscaped garden setting, the palace was a gift from Prince Ferdinand Maria to his wife on the occasion of the birth of a male heir. Also built in the 17th century, the Residence is an imposing complex that combines buildings of a variety of styles, including baroque, rococo, and Renaissance. Situated in the old city center of Munich, this building was the primary home of numerous kings and dukes and also served as a center of government power. Germany’s largest metropolitan castle, the Residence encompasses 10 courtyards and houses one of the most respected museums of interior decoration on the Continent. In the center of the complex is a large public square that is used for concerts and civic performances.

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