Full-Service Dental Clinic in California

A full-service dentistry practice in California, Emeryville Dental Care operates with a focus on patient satisfaction. Lead dentist, Dr. Rose Magno, oversees all procedures of patient care, and is among the 5 percent of dentists in the country that offer neuromuscular dentistry services. Emeryville Dental Care provides treatment to children and adults alike.

Dental services range from simple dental exams and cleanings to more advanced forms of treatment, such as wisdom teeth extractions and laser surgeries. Cleanings and preventive procedures include consultation and advice for continued maintenance, supplemented by educational and dental care materials available on the clinic’s website. Patients undergoing procedures that require sedation may also inquire about Emeryville Dental’s conscious sedation options.

Dr. Magno and her team also offer cosmetic and corrective services to whiten teeth, fill gaps, reshape gums, and replace silver fillings and crowns. Teeth straightening treatments include Invisalign products as an alternative to traditional metal braces or as a follow-up to metal braces if teeth become unaligned due to a lack of retainer use after braces removal.

The US Commerce Association awarded the clinic with the Best of Emeryville Awards in the dentist’s category every year since 2009, amongst countless other awards and recognition to Dr Rose Magno as 1 of the TOP Dentist in the US every year since 2009

Emeryville Dental Care is a personalized, comfortable , and entertaining dental office. 510-595-1900 www.EmeryvilleDentalCare.com