Keeping Your Computer Virus-Free

Computers and Viruses by A. Tate

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Viruses can harm your computer in many ways from mild viruses,which do nothing more than annoy you,to severe viruses,which can cause damage to your computer if not taken care of. One of these viruses is called Nimda.

Nimda is one of the severe viruses. It is currently unknown who made this virus. The way this virus works is that all icons are replaced with skull icons,but it doesn't stop there. The attacker also gains the same amount of power the computer owner has. For example,if the victim has limited abilities for the computer,the attacker also has limited abilities as to what they can do to the computer. However,if the victim is an administrator,the attacker has full control over the computer,which can lead to the attacker to be able to make the computer erase and create files that the victim may or may not be alerted about.                                 

                     5 Tips to Keep Your Computer Safe from ANY VIRUS

  1. Keep Anti-Virus software up to date
  2. Do not download anything unfamiliar,such as a email from someone you do not know.
  3. Do not download anything unless you know you will not be affected,no matter who or where it came from.
  4. If you get a popup asking questions such as,"You just won an iPad,come claim it now!" or "You are the 100,000 winner in Chesapeake...",DO NOT CLICK ON IT! Once you click on it,you have allowed the virus to attack your computer! You may think it is real,but all it's trying to do is hypnotize you into thinking that you can really get an iPad,but while you are "getting that iPad",the virus is doing things to your computer.
  5. Make sure that when you first turn on and login into your computer,all of your anti-virus software are on and updated.

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