E. Michael Campbell

Director at
Energy Systems

About E. Michael Campbell

An executive and nuclear physicist with more than 30 years of experience at national laboratories and in the private sector, E. Michael Campbell has served as director of energy systems at Logos Technologies since 2008. Educated at the University of Pennsylvania, E. Michael Campbell graduated magna cum laude with a degree in engineering and applied science before pursuing graduate studies in applied physics at Princeton University. From there, Mr. Campbell began a lengthy tenure at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), where he contributed to significant advancements in laser technology. Beginning in the inertial confinement fusion program, Dr. Campbell subsequently ascended through a series of senior roles in the Nova program and ultimately became associate director of LLNL’s laser programs, in which capacity he won an Edward Teller Award from the American Nuclear Society, a Leadership Award from Fusion Power Associates, and an E. O. Lawrence Award.

In 1999, E. Michael Campbell left LLNL and joined General Atomics as vice president of inertial fusion, photonics, and gas reactors, followed by a period as executive vice president of its Energy Group. He later earned a Doctor of Science degree from the University of Western Sydney. Today, Dr. Campbell oversees all aspects of business development, strategy, and R&D for Logos’ Energy Systems Division.

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