Emil Pikula

Executive based in Phoenix

About Emil Pikula

Emil Pikula founded Concure Systems, LLC, in 1987 in order to address market demand for solutions to prevent moisture-caused floor damage in commercial flooring. Concure Systems provides concrete repairs and restoration, moisture mitigation, and consulting from its headquarters in Phoenix. Providing a range of LEED-certified products, the company has completed projects for the Coalinga State Hospital Secure Treatment Facility in Coalinga, California, and the University of Colorado Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics (JILA) center in Boulder, among many others. As CEO, Emil Pikula oversees sales and marketing, research, and business development throughout North America.

In addition to his work at Concure Systems, Emil Pikula contributed
to the Vietnam Historical Museum At the USMC recruit depot in San Diego Ca.. A U.S. Marine and veteran of the Vietnam War, he completed two tours and earned a Purple Heart for his service. Pikula stays active through participation in his favorite sports and activities, which include golfing, mountain biking, and waterskiing. He also enjoys spending time in California, particularly in wine country and on the state’s beautiful beaches.

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