Sexual Harassment


In our society today, it is acceptable for sexual harassment and dating violence. People normally turn their heads when they see something happening because “it’s not their business” when in reality, it is. The victims in the act of violence or harassment know it's happening, but keep telling themselves it will stop and get better. They are too embarrassed to say anything, or too are afraid that if they do tell someone, the offender will hurt them or make them lose their job.

Amendments Violated

The following are amendments of the Universal Document of Human Rights that are being violated.

Article 3 is being violated because when you're being harassed and violated, it's going against what the article states which is the right to life liberty and security as a person.

Article 5 is being violated because harassment and violence is torture, cruel, inhumane, and degrading to a living human being.

Article 20 is being violated because these acts of violence are not freedom and peaceful assemblies of association.

Article 25 is being violated because everyone has the right to standard living adequate and well being of himself and family. So if everyone has the right to the well being of himself, and someone violates that, it is violating the human rights.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was made to keep us safe and equal. If people are regularly going against what this document is stating, they are violating someones right as a human. Everyone deserves to be treated as a human being, equal to all around them. They should not be treated as a toy or property.

In What Ways Have They Suffered?

These people have suffered sexual harassment in many possible forms such as assault, rape, and general harassment. Sexual harassment is not gender specific (guy-girl, girl-guy, girl-girl, guy-guy) nor does it have to be the specific person it is happening too. Someone in a surrounding area or relationship can be affected physically and emotionally by the incident. The offenders goal is to inflict their personal needs through violence and force.

Stop This Act Now!

Yes people have tried to end the violation, and there has been global responses. Women from all over the world are fighting back against the harassers and getting fired or punished for it, when the women ARE the victims (or men in an opposite case). Women are the only ones known fighting for equality and not to be treated like a play toy. Yes it has been effective because it is now illegal in the workplace and school areas. For example, Women that go to comic-con, protest against the geeks harassing them at the get together. These harassment's go from catcalling to groping and taking underskirt pictures at the world's biggest comic convention.


We can prevent this violation by teaching men, and women, to control themselves. They need to learn that no means no, and when someone says it, to STOP. Ask before you touch, and learn his/her hints before assuming. If you have to question it, it might be wrong. Make sure it’s okay with them first. We can make laws prohibiting sexual harassment, sexual abuse, rape, and abuse. But we need to teach people that this is WRONG. This can all be stopped if people keep fighting against it. Someone eventually will notice and take further measures to control it and put a stop to things.

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