Forest animals

By: Shae Judge

A bobcat is a mammal,and is usually found in North America. These amazing creatures live alone,their fur is tan with spotted black spots. These colors them blend in, or camouflage. They  hunt rabbits,mice, and squirrels at night. They can leap at least three meters.

A black bear is found in North America and Asia. They eat fish,nuts,berries,and honey. The  creatures can use their large jaws to grab their food.Black bears spend most of their time sleeping. They live in trees,caves,or in holes they dig.

A fox lives on the forest floor and are mostly found in most parts of the world.They are very good at hunting. They hunt smaller animals like rabbits and birds. You cant forget that they also eat beetles, worms, frogs, and mice. A fox uses its large ears to listen to prey. They live in dens that are made out of empty rabbit burrows, and others  use space under tree roots, or rocks.

A hedgehog are mostly found in Europe, Africa, Asia, and New Zealand. This creature sniffs around in bushes for small things to eat. As it hunts, it grunts like a pig. The hedgehog has a prickly coat, so it's hard for enemies to bite or touch the amazing creature. In my opinion, they're the cutest animal in the world!