5 Photo Story

Story by Emi, Photos by Sadie

When he came home, Jackson saw Addie’s shoes by the front door. He could barely hear the music blaring from their basement art studio. It was never that quiet. This time of day, Addie would be hard at work drawing or painting. She had to have the music loud because she said it helped her concentrate, even when it gave her a headache. “Addie! Are you downstairs?”, he shouted down the stairwell. No reply. He bounded down the stairs in an instant ready to sneak up behind a concentrated Addie with her headphones in and the music too loud. Except, he didn’t. Addie wasn’t in her studio.

Everything in her studio was exactly where it should be. The only thing out of place was a piece of notebook paper saying, “Love you”. Love you, who? Love you, ME? Jackson thought. Why would she need to leave me this? Where is she going, what’s wrong? Jackson called Addie’s cell phone. Straight to voicemail.

As they sped down the road, Addie felt every bump. Her kidnappers hadn’t given her a spot on a seat. No, she was sitting on the floor. Addie wasn’t even blindfolded. She could see the dead grass and the clouds covering the sun out the window. The vehicle, some sort of car, wasn’t going to stop anytime soon.

Jackson ran frantically around the house searching for Addie. She wasn’t in the house. He ran outside, not bothering to get the door shut, and got in his car. He took the one main road leading out of their small, quiet town and pressed the gas pedal to the floor. A half an hour later, Jackson approached the only car he’d seen on the road. Being that he was speeding along so fast, if this were Addie, she’d been gone at least an hour. An hour earlier, she would have been returning home from her job, which would explain why her studio wasn’t filled with the sound of her music.

Jackson took a minute to breathe. It hit him that she hadn't been taken, she had left. That's why she left that note. No one has a chance to say goodbye that fast...

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