Emmanuel Lee

Day One

Today I made a pyramid out of legos.I made this with my group after they had made the Washington Monument and failed attempts to make a house . Today I worked with Dylan and Dulontaz in my group. This wasn't an assignment I ever did in art class or any other. My group and i had made the pyramid by starting from the top and working our way down. the challenges we faced was a hollow pyramid. my favorite part was building it in the building and my least was when it had broken apart.

Day 2

Today in Tinkercad I had "remixed" a chess piece known as the rook , also I also made a keychain with my name on it. These were all new experiences and challenging ones that tested creativity. the biggest problem I faced on designing my  chess piece was finding a theme to use on it. The keychain on the other hand was easy. I had never done this before.

Day 3

Today in Tinkercad I made a 3d representation of the Pisilica of St. Peter. This was a challenging model to get to finish even though i could'nt. The hardest part of this model was the dome on the top of it because it complied of over 7 shapes stacked on each other. The best part was getting closest to the finished product.

Day 4

Today i had worked on my chess piece, the reason for this is that my original design was too small and fragile that when it printed it broke off and mashed up the design. so instead i remixed a destroyed castle. Also I started designing a Woody for Amusement Park. The most challenging part of the day was coming up with a new theme for the chess piece, and the easiest was editing the castle.

Day 6

Today I worked on my Jesus peice carving out of wax, I found that this is kind of difficult because of the spacing of the face and the easiest part is using the tools. I may restart it on my new found information.

Day 7

Today I had worked on my sculpture again but today was more challenging than i had expected because every move i made set me two spaces back also the details i want in the sculpture are too defined and kind of difficult to manage due to me not carving a lot or having practice. But todays ups would have to be to actually come up with another way to finish my project with out the mess and confusion would have to be to  make it on tinkercad.

Day Eight

Today I had worked on a 3D cross and had it printed out. I was glad on how it came out. Also I am redoing my Gollum from the chess piece and going to get it printed. Todays ups would have to be when my necklace got printed. todays down side was when the first time i tried to print the printer was on the fritz.

Day Nine

Today I had made a joker lego piece on Tinkercad. This turned out to be a tedious task due to finding hair and face for joker. The worst part about today was finding  the hair and face but I still couldn't and the best part was finishing the joker and now I'm trying to get it printed.