Wonder Character in the Spot Light: August



August learned that being different can be VERY good and even though you have to go through hard times you can make friends out of it! Example: August was treated badly by other kids at school and he went through hard times with those kids, later on he learned to not be shy and he got new friends and got the special fifth grade prize. August gave off kind of an exiting vibe. I am not talking about just like the ending cliff hangers at the end of the chapter, I am talking about what kind of things will happen to him later on in the story, he can have sad parts and happy parts and sometimes he can not make up his mind about what feelings he wants to fell.


Summer impacted August because she was so nice and she did not mind his face, August impacted her by being friends with her and she was understandable about how he looked, he impacted her by teaching her that the way that people look dosent matter about friendship. The friendship was important because August had a friend and he could trust her with not having to be bullied or picked on. Summer was really nice to him at lunch and he liked having her around, she even said that they could have their own table with only summer and fall names, like one of the teachers that reminded them of a flower from summer. August impacted Summer because he was the only kid at school with a deformation and she was going to be friends with him. He made her have to make hard decisions about what friens to not and to definetly have.


I picked this photo because it represents how August is one of a kind, the whole school doesnt have anyone else like him and amongst the whole school he stood out. He was really nice and kind but no one ever wanted to get to know him. During science class the boy accidentally touched August and they freaked out and wanted to get away from him.