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The definition of the Holocaust is a  state-sponsored systematic persecution and annihilation of European Jewry by Nazis in Germany and its collaborators in 1933-1945

(a state sponsored- set up system for the killings of Jews in the European area by Nazis and its agreeing or allied people)

Nazi party comes to Power

During the time era of 1919 - 1932 the German government was very unstable. The country had many different parties fighting for the same idea , in result no one party could ever "rule" or create a well formed Parliament. There were many arguments over policies between parties, which made it even harder to form a stable parliament . June, 1930 chancellors stared quitting their jobs, which left an unformed parliament and lost hope for the people.  In result of the German parties  abandoning the idea of making an effective government. The Nazi party rose to power by publicizing how well they would make the German government more effective, calming they were rebelling towards the Wiemar system. They spoke out for all non-Jewish Germans no matter what class, regional area, or spiritual beliefs. During WWII when the U.S. , and allies stared approaching,  "protesters" would say killing Jews was a survival Technic to save the Aryans.

Jewish Concentration camps  

When you hear the phrase "concentration camps" you think of harsh labor, war and sometimes even death.    

Not long after Hitler was selected chancellor concentration camps stared popping up all over Germany. These concentration camps were sometimes called death camps. prisoners of the camps were forced to do grueling work some were to think they would die from the work. The idea of concentration camps some how seemed like an okay idea to local authority that they stared creating more, even though they didn't technically have the authority to.

U.S. + holocaust=immagration

During and before the Holocaust Jewish Germans stared immigrating to America . To prevent this from happening the American government made it harder to enter and  make a life the country, twice. By the time the war ended 200,000 German Jews made home in the U.S. where they wouldn't be executed.

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