Empire Facilities Management Group

Facility Operations Management

Since its founding in 2003, Empire Facilities Management Group maintains a steady annual growth of 30 percent. Empire Facilities Management Group is recognized with major retailers and enjoys well-earned industry respect as the recipient of Sprint’s Leader Award and silver and gold awards for quality and innovation by Aéropostale. Additionally, it is and the winner of numerous retail industry leader Vendor of the Year awards and a GUESS Most Valuable Partner.

It is important to Chief Development Officer Joseph Scaretta to commit to honest, fair, and ethical business practices and open communication with clients. The company’s team of experts, including technical and retail consultants, customer service representatives, architects, and internal support experts, explore solutions devised to meet each client’s distinctive objectives and brand image with cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

With a broad spectrum of services, Empire assists with such projects as retrofits and nationwide rollouts, call center operations, and energy reduction efforts, and develops facility strategies designed to serve client goals. For rollouts and retrofits, the group consults with clients in rebranding efforts with construction and signage. When clients require call center assistance, the firm offers a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), call resolution, and reactive service calls expertise. Additionally, Empire experts help clients realize energy reduction objectives with monitoring and energy audits.

Clients routinely express praise for Empire Facilities Management Group’s expertise and service. Impressed with the company’s attention to cost-effective measures, clients employ the company as a primary contractor for capital expenditure projects and for store maintenance services. Clients appreciate the group’s ability to communicate with and to establish strong relationships with landlords and mall managers. Because clients value the company’s strategic attention to brand image, the company assists clients with new marketing campaign releases throughout Canada and the United States.

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