The Sail Down the Hudson

Empty chapter 19

Tom and Gwen are sailing down the Hudson River.


  1. As Gwen looked out the window, she saw Tom, Niki and Brock walking towards the Whippersnapper 3. Gwen told Hector that she did not want them to be here.
  2. Then Hector said, "That's what you get for crushing on a Neanderthal football player type-you inherit friends like Niki and Brock."
  3. Gwen protested saying it was not true.
  4. Once Tom, Niki and Brock came in, everyone greeted each other. Then Tom started to talk about Mr. Curtin's wife who wanted to start giving workshops about alternative fuels and all sorts of stuff like solar and wind energy.
  5. Gwen had an idea that she can hold her workshops in the Whippersnapper 3.
  6. Brock heard that there was food here and Gwen told Hector to show them the food.
  7. After they were gone, Tom said he didn't think Gwen liked it when Tom brought Niki and Brock.
  8. Then Gwen changed the topic and asked if Tom had got the sailboat. Tom wanted the sailboat so he can sail down the Hudson River to go to other towns where there is electricity. So, he can get medicine for his mom and neighbours.
  9. Gwen wanted to go with Tom. But Tom said she didn't know how to sail. Gwen said she was a fast learner. Then, Tom said that he was glad that she was coming with him and Gwen was shocked by his answer.
  10. As they were sailing Gwen thought that this was what it was once like, boats pushed by wind. No engines and no fumes.
  11. Gwen shifted to the back of the boat stretched forward and kissed Tom.
  12. Tom returned the kiss and asked what that was for.
  13. Gwen said, "Because I have a feeling we're going to the world that comes after the end of the world, and I'm happy we're going together."


What I Know

  • Gwen doesn't want Niki and Brock to be at the Whippersnapper 3.
  • Hector knows Gwen likes Tom.
  • Gwen had an idea that Ms. Curtin could hold her workshops in the Whippersnapper 3.
  • Tom was going down the Hudson River to go to other towns with electricity so he can get medicine for his mom and his neighbours.
  • Gwen was worried about Tom sailing down the river by himself.
  • Gwen sailed with Tom.
  • President Waters is going to call troops home because there is no oil in Venezuela to fight for.
  • Senator Rambling (the anti-war) said they can use other things to replace oil for them to survive, like wind power, solar energy and much more.



Angry: Gwen was angry at the beginning of the chapter because she didn't want Brock                     here especially Tom's dream girl, Niki.

Happy: Gwen was happy because Tom thought it was great if Gwen sailed with her.