The Superhurricane

Empty Chapter 10

Superhurricane Oscpearl hits Sage Valley


  1. Hurricane Oscpearl was disrupting radio signals, so Gwen could not call Luke.
  2. Gwen was going into the forest to find the old mineshaft that she had explored when she was a child.
  3. Without warning, it started to rain and wind started to blow very hard.
  4. As she was looking for the mineshaft, she heard a loud crack and realized that a tree was about to fall on her. She jumped to the side at the last second, but she had dropped her bag of food.
  5. She looked around trying to find her bag of food, but another tree was about to fall onto her again.
  6. So, Gwen ran into the mineshaft.
  7. As the hurricane raged, Gwen was in the mineshaft crying until she was exhausted and fell asleep.
  8. Gwen woke up and there was no more wind or rain. She stepped out of the mine and found everything destroyed.
  9. She looked up and saw a blue sky, but at the edges, there were dark clouds. That was when she realized she was standing in the eye of super-hurricane Oscpearl.


What I Know

  • Hurricane Oscpearl disrupted cell phone connection.
  • Gwen was almost crushed and killed by falling trees.
  • She had lost her food that Hector had given her.
  • She found the mineshaft when the hurricane had started.
  • She had cried until she fell asleep. When she woke up, it seemed like the storm was over.
  • Gwen eventually found out that she was standing in the eye of the hurricane.



Scared: Gwen was scared because the wind made a howling noise in the mineshaft.                            Another reason is because she was in a super-hurricane.

Miserable: Gwen was miserable because she thought that no one would love her enough                        to look for her. Also, she was in a terrible condition. (In the middle                                          of a super-hurricane, her house was set on fire, having no parents and the                              chance of the police finding out that she had been storing gasoline in her                                 house).