Empty Chapter 11

Tom found a golden retriever struggling to swim in the current. Tom lifted it out of the water and decided he'd keep it.


  1. Tom jumped out into the water and went to Carlos' house.
  2. Carlos' mom, Ms. Hernandez, only had pancakes, butter and syrup left in her house. Ms.Hernandez wanted Tom and his mom to come over to eat.
  3. Carlos's dad, Joe Hernandez, had blown up a dinghy using a hand pump so they can row around in the flooded streets.
  4. As they were rowing the boat, there was a dog passing by them in the water. It was trying to swim. Tom lifted it up into the dinghy causing the dinghy to tip.
  5. Joe Hernandez decided they should help out the woman's grandmother first.


What I Know

  • Tom's basement is flooded.
  • Carlos was bruised and had a cast from the fight at the bonfire.
  • Carlos said anything can be in the water.
  • Carlos has a 15 year old sister named Maritza.
  • The food in the supermarkets cost 3x the original price, and there is no more food on the shelves.
  • Carlos' family only have a limited supply of food left.
  • The rush of the water had increased.
  • There were many people on their street who needed help.
  • The super-hurricane was said to be caused by global warming.


Joe Hernandez/Mr. Hernandez

Helpful: Joe is helpful because he was willing to help out Tom and his mom bail out                            water from Tom's basement.

Strong: He is strong because he can row the dinghy against a very strong current of                            water.