The Sailboat

Empty Chapter 12

Tom went to his vacation estate island to get his brandfather's sloop.


  1. Niki was looking out at Lake Morrisey.
  2. A teenager in a jet ski was coming towards where she was standing. That teenager was Tom.
  3. Tom told Niki how he had got to her. Tom had arrived in Marietta on a dinghy and "borrowed" a jet ski so he can travel faster.
  4. Tom went to Marietta to see Niki and to get his grandfather's sloop on Tom's vacation estate.
  5. The sloop was in a storage shed.
  6. Tom and Niki got out the parts of the sloop from the storage shed.
  7. Tom told Niki that he found a dog named Larry.
  8. Niki said she was not really big on dogs, but when Tom said he liked it, Niki was suddenly worried he would like her less for not liking dogs.
  9. Niki had forgotten that she had her glasses on until Tom told her that she looked pretty in glasses.
  10. Then, Tom kissed Niki.
  11. Niki said she seemed to be changing into someone else.
  12. Then they kissed again.


What I Know

  • The flood water level was five feet high.
  • Niki was hungry and wasn't ready to eat a cold lunch.
  • Niki was more up to date on current events than at any other time in her life.
  • Tom has a vacation estate/island on Lake Morrisey.
  • Tom was planning to get his grandfather's sloop back to his house with a jet ski.



Does not like dogs: Niki does not like dogs because when Tom told her that he found a                                          dog, she said, "I'm not big on dogs."

Does not like glasses: Niki doesn't like to wear glasses because she thinks she does not                                               look good in them.