The Whippersnapper 3

Empty chapter 13

The Whippersnapper 3 green model home.


  1. Two fallen trees were blocking the entrance of the mine. Gwen could not move them and she got very frustrated.
  2. Gwen was starting to think that she would die of hunger.
  3. Gwen saw a trapdoor and remembered when she was little, she had asked Luke where the air was coming from. Luke said it was coming from somewhere. So, she thought there was another way out.
  4. As Gwen looked into the darkness below, she remembered about the "secret" flashlight.
  5. As Gwen walked down the metal stairs, she felt around for the flashlight that was behind the ladder.
  6. She turned on the flashlight but it did not work. A moment later, Gwen remembered that Luke had put the batteries separate because they will stay good like that.
  7. She climbed down the ladder and sat down on the ground to put in the batteries.
  8. Gwen turned on the flashlight and looked around. The mine continued on her right so she walked in that direction.
  9. She walked so much that her feet ached because she thought it seemed to be endless.
  10. Gwen threw her arms wide in frustration and swung in a circle.
  11. In mid-swing, there was a door in front of her made of polished stainless steel.
  12. Surprisingly, the door handle was unlocked.
  13. As she looked inside, there was an ultramodern living room.
  14. Gwen went to the refrigerator hoping there was food inside but sadly, it was empty.
  15. She grabbed a drinking glass and filled it with water from the filtered water tap.
  16. She saw a winding staircase and yelled to see if anyone was there. There was no answer.
  17. Therefore, she decided to go upstairs.
  18. There was an empty room with three doors. Two of the rooms had bookshelves but, there seemed to be a humming sound coming from the third room.
  19. She found a generator sitting in the middle of the third room. It was called the "Whippersnapper 3."


What I Know

  • Gwen was trapped in the mine.
  • Luke had stored a secret flashlight in the mine.
  • There was an entrance that lead to a house in the mine.
  • The house was ultramodern and clean.
  • The house ran on a magnetic generator called the "Whippersnapper 3".
  • It was a green model home that was eco-friendly.



Frustrated: Gwen was frustrated for most of the chapter because she was trapped in the                           mine and she thought she walked so much for no reason.

Hungry and Thirsty: Gwen was hungry and thirsty because her stomach had rumbled                                                after she tried to move the trees which were blocking the                                                            entrance of the mine.