The Row to Town

Empty chapter 14

Tom was rowing to town on a canoe.


  1. Tom stopped and heard the hacking cough coming from his mom's bedroom.
  2. Tom went into his mom's bedroom and his mom told him to go to town and get some food.
  3. Tom got some more blankets for his mom to sleep in.
  4. Tom called Larry and they went to the canoe so he can row out to town.
  5. Once he started rowing, his neighbours instantly noticed him and called out for help.
  6. He told them that he would be back soon. As he spoke, his words seemed to be harsh and cold.


What I Know

  • Tom's mother is sick.
  • The water level is about four feet high.
  • Everyone wants cash to buy things because there is no more electricity, so they cannot use the machines to get the money from the credit cards.
  • Many of Tom's neighbours needed help.



Guilty: Tom felt guilty because he had left his mom alone in the house. His mom went                     down to bail out the water by herself but, it had made her sick.

Hungry: Tom was hungry because when he was counting the amount of cash they had                        left, his stomach rumbled.