The Fight For Food

Empty chapter 16

The shelves of the supermarkets have no more food.


  1. Tom had reached the town but there was barely anyone there.
  2. The canoe started to scrape the ground since the water was shallower.
  3. So, he stowed the canoe into some bushes.
  4. Everything was closed except for the post office. There was a big line of people.
  5. He met up with Mr. Curtin at the back of the line and Mr. Curtin told him that Tom and his mother can go over to his house anytime. Mr. Curtin also told them that there was an A&P a mile down the road where he could get food.
  6. He was a quarter mile down the road looking at the houses when Brock came out and waved to Tom.
  7. Tom said he was sorry about Brock's car which was crushed by a tree.
  8. Brock had asked Tom if Niki was okay. Tom said he had seen her a few days ago and Tom said she was fine.
  9. Then, Tom said he needed to get going and Brock went back to assessing the damage to his car.
  10. When Tom had arrived at the grocery store, he saw many people milling around at the front of the store. Then he realized they were fighting.
  11. He walked up and saw two people who were about his age. One of them was Hector and Tom went up to help him.
  12. Tom asked Hector if he knew where Gwen had went. Finally they decided that they would go look for her.
  13. Before they entered the forest, Hector told Tom that he liked Gwen.
  14. Hector asked Tom if he was interested, but Tom was avoiding the question. Finally he said, "I don't know. I'm not sure"
  15. Then Hector said, "I'm not sure you are Gwen's type."


What I Know

  • There was only one thing open in the town, the post office.
  • Brock's car was broken because a tree fell onto it.
  • People were fighting for food at the A&P.
  • Hector had some food but someone was trying to pull it away from him.
  • Hector and Tom are going to look for Gwen.
  • Hector likes Gwen but Tom kind of likes Gwen.



Curious: Tom was curious because at the A&P, there was a fight. His curiosity made                            him go and see what was happening.

Helpful: Tom is helpful because he helped Hector when someone tried to steal                                      his food.