The Hidden House

Empty chapter 17

The window of the greenhouse in the Whippersnapper 3


  1. As Gwen was eating her salad, she saw two solid figures moving among the trees.
  2. She went up to the window to look more closely. They were Tom and Hector!
  3. She quickly ran out to the side door and yelled out to them.
  4. The first one to come running at her was Larry. Then Tom and Hector ran over.
  5. When Gwen was about to show them the Whippersnapper 3, Tom and Hector were surprised because they saw their own reflection.
  6. Gwen showed Tom and Hector around the Whippersnapper 3.
  7. When they were in the greenhouse Hector started to eat the fruits and vegetables.
  8. She had thought Tom and Hector would not like the food without salad dressing or anything. But after Tom and Hector had been eating dry food, it tasted amazing to them.
  9. Gwen said that they could give some of the food to the children that are hungry and need food.
  10. Hector asked if it was the end of the world. But then Tom added, "But is the end of the world, or the end of the world as we've always known it?"
  11. Then, Gwen brought them to the back of the Whippersnapper 3 where she was building a still. It was a still where it makes alcohol for fuel (ethanol).


What I Know

  • Tom and Hector were hungry and dirty.
  • The Whippersnapper 3 has solar panels for electricity, it is storm resistant and all made of recyclable materials.
  • Tom and Hector thought the fruits and vegetables were amazing because they ate dry and cold food for the past few days.
  • The Whippersnapper 3 has its own supply of real seeds not genetically modified seeds.
  • Tom had forgotten to bring his mother medicine and food, but Gwen had offered some supplies to him.
  • Gwen could make her own fuel for cars with a still using ethanol.



Happy: Gwen was happy because people had actually come to look for her in the forest.

Informative: Gwen was informative because she read a lot about the Whippersnapper 3                             and told Tom and Hector about everything she knows.