Empty chapter 18

Niki felt really awkward sitting with both Tom and Brock


  1. Niki heard about the "mysterious benefactor" in the orange canoe and she knew that Tom was alive.
  2. She is thinking that if Tom wouldn't come to see her again, she would be gone like her neighbours.
  3. She looked up and saw the sky was gloomy once more and remembered that the weather people said that there was a possibility of two more hurricanes brewing up. If they merged, it could cause another super-hurricane.
  4. She went down to get out the kayak so she can go to town to get water and charcoal. Her father appeared on the deck and Niki asked him where the oars were. He said they were in the chest. He told her to wear a life vest and to bring a padlock to lock the kayak.
  5. She rowed across the lake until the water was knee deep and locked it to a tree.
  6. As she was walking down Shore Road she met up with Brock.
  7. Brock had come all the way to where she was to see if Niki was okay. Niki felt pleased at what he had done.
  8. While they were talking, a truck was coming down the road, and Niki realized it was Tom's truck.
  9. Niki had mixed feelings because both Tom and Brock were there.
  10. Brock asked where Tom had got the gas and Tom said he made it.
  11. Brock asked who made it and when Tom said "Gwen Jones", Niki furrowed her brow with dislike. But Tom said "She's pretty cool when you get to know her", Niki was irked by the way he defended the girl.
  12. But Brock looked at Niki sharply and she calmed down.
  13. Tom asked Niki if she was going to town and Niki said she needed charcoal, water and D batteries.
  14. Tom told Niki he could bring them to town.
  15. As they all wedged in the truck Niki felt extremely uncomfortable with two boys that she liked.


What I Know

  • Niki knew that her dad was starting to return to his old self.
  • Niki was going to town on an expensive handmade kayak to get charcoal, fresh water and D batteries.
  • Brock had rode his bike to see Niki but his bike had a flat tire so he had to walk the rest of the way.
  • Tom had made his own gas.
  • Niki didn't like that Tom was hanging out with Gwen. Niki felt awkward being with Tom and Brock. Niki wanted to know if Tom had come to Mareitta to see Niki.



Pleased: Niki had felt pleased because Brock had come all this way to see Niki.

Awkward: She also felt awkward because at the end of the chapter, she was sitting in a                          truck with the two boys she liked (Tom and Brock).