The Oil Shortage

Empty chapter 2

Tom is fixing his car


  1. Tom is fixing his old car.
  2. Carlos came over and started talking with Tom.
  3. Tom said that he likes Niki.
  4. Carlos asked him if he wanted to go to the beach with him.
  5. Tom said he could not go and went into his house.
  6. His mom told him that war is starting between USA and Venenzuala for oil because Venenzuala wanted to sell their oil at a very high price.


What I Know

  • Tom has a friend named Carlos.
  • Tom likes a girl named Niki.
  • Niki is tall, blonde, athletic, pretty and she has curves in the right places.
  • Gwen has black, spiky hair. She wore baggy shorts and a shirt that is ripped at the bottom.
  • Gas costs about $20 per gallon.
  • USA is starting a war against Venenzuala for oil because they want to sell each barrel of oil for $500-$800.



Athletic: Tom is an athletic person because he plays a lot of sports and he is good at                             them. At school, he is on the basketball and football team.

Talkative: When Carlos went over to Tom, he never stopped talking until he went back                         into his house.