Attacked by Marietta

Empty chapter 20

Luke told Gwen that a group of Marietta attacked Sage Valley.


  1. Tom was turning the boat and Gwen asked what he was doing.
  2. Tom said there were a lot of boats at the docks so he wanted to check out what was happening.
  3. Tom tied the boat to the docks. He took off the tiller and rudder, just in case anyone wanted to steal the boat.
  4. They walked up the streets and found an open pharmacy. Tom lined up to get the medicine that his mom and neighbours needed. Gwen immediately started getting supplies.
  5. When Tom was nearly at the front of the line, Gwen came back holding her basket of supplies.
  6. Then, Gwen's phone started ringing. Luke was calling Gwen. As Gwen was listening to him, her expression faded to distress.
  7. Tom asked what Luke had said and Gwen said, "A group from Marietta attacked Sage Valley."
  8. Tom said they should hurry home because he had a weird feeling that something bad was going to happen.


What I Know

  • They were at Hastings and many boats were parked at the docks. They had sailed for about three hours and there was a very long line-up in the pharmacy.
  • The government of USA was shifting all the oil to the troops to fight the war.
  • The group of Marietta attacked Sage Valley because on the news, they saw that Sage Valley had food being delivered to them. They wanted some food so they went to Sage Valley.
  • The pharmacist could not fill all the prescriptions that Tom needed.



In a hurry: Tom was in a hurry because they needed to get all the supplies from the                                 pharmacy before it runs out. At the end of the chapter he was also in a hurry                         because he had a weird feeling that something bad was going to happen.

Surprised: Tom was surprised because when Gwen told him that a group of Marietta                               attacked Sage Valley, he did not think that towns can attack each other.

Worried: He was also worried because he was thinking of her mother in bed, Larry and                        the Whippersnapper 3. He is worried that they can get hurt.