The Attack on the Whippersnapper 3

Empty chapter 21

The group of Marietta threw rocks at the window of the Whippersnapper 3.


  1. Niki sat on the couch beside Brock with the people attending Ms. Curtin's workshop. They were watching a video on renewable energy.
  2. As Niki looked around, she saw that most people were on their phones since there was electricity here to charge their phones.
  3. Niki was nervous that so many people now knew there was electricity in the middle of the forest. She did not want a whole crowd coming here to recharge their phones.
  4. Her phone started to ring because Tom was calling her. Tom told Niki about the fighting in Sage Valley and advised Niki not to tell any more people about the Whippersnapper 3. Niki did not think that it was possible for towns to attack each other.
  5. When Niki said that Tom should sail the boat since it was foggy, Tom said Gwen was doing a great job. He said it was a good thing Gwen had come along and she had learned to sail faster than anyone he knew.
  6. Niki knew it. It was in Tom's voice and how he said Gwen's name.
  7. Niki told Mr. Curtin that a group of Marietta had come to look for food and they might know that the Whippersnapper 3 has food.
  8. Mr. Curtin called the sheriff but the phone was busy.
  9. Suddenly, glass shattered upstairs and Hector went down the stairs in alarm. Hector said someone hurled a rock at the front window.
  10. Many people wanted to leave so Hector led them out the mineshaft doorway.
  11. More glass broke and Niki could here voices from upstairs. Hector was at the top of the stairs and he said they were almost inside.
  12. Mr. Curtin went up to them and tried to calm down the mob but, a rock hit him and his head started to bleed.
  13. Just as the mob was about to surge forward, motorcycles pulled up and they were all holding chains and clubs.
  14. One motorcyclist stepped off and said that they were invading private property. Police were on their way.
  15. Niki saw that the motorcyclist was Gwen's brother, Luke.


What I Know

  • Most of the people that had come to Ms. Curtin's workshop were on their phones.
  • Niki had felt pleasant being with Brock.
  • Mrs. Curtin went to grad school with Rick Montbank (the owner of the Whippersnapper 3 company).
  • Niki was surprised when Tom told her about Marietta attacking Sage Valley.
  • Niki knew that her relationship with Tom was over when it had just started.
  • There was a busy tone when Mr. Curtin called the sheriff.
  • The group of Marietta had come and threw a rock at the window of the Whippersnapper 3. Some Marietta residents were going to get arrested.



Worried: Brock was worried because he was probably going to get into a fight with a                            mob of angry Marietta residents.

Caring: Brock was caring because when he was going outside to try to stop the mob,                          he wanted Niki to stay so she would not get hurt.