The Beginning of a New World

Empty chapter 22

The world has ended, but a the new world was now beginning.


  1. Gwen woke up to the hum of the magnetic generator, knowing she would have electricity and heat every day.
  2. She heard the voices of Ricky Montbank, Mr. and Ms. Curtin outside her room.
  3. She heard a scratching noise on the door and opened it just enough for Larry to come in.
  4. She put on a robe and walked out.
  5. Mr. Curtin told Gwen the others were upstairs.
  6. They were all in the greenhouse collecting food in baskets for a guy with horses who was coming at 9:00 a.m. to carry it out.
  7. Tom, Niki, Brock, Hector, Mr. Curitn, Ms.Curtin, Gwen and 60 or so other residents of Sage Valley rode their bikes into Marietta following the guy who collected their food.
  8. They started to set up stands at the gas station that had been receiving gas from a private tanker about 2 weeks ago.
  9. Someone said, "What if no one comes out?"
  10. Mr. Curtin replied saying, "They are still hurting for food and supplies".
  11. The residents of Marietta already realized what was going on and were coming out to help set up the stands.
  12. Gwen knew the world had ended but now, a new world is beginning.


What I Know

  • They were putting food in baskets for a guy who is coming to collect the food with horses.
  • The Whippersnapper Company is going to make Sage Valley an energy self-efficient town.
  • There were many workshops such as teaching how to refit your car to ethanol, a farming program and a lot of other energy workshops.



Felt like a pioneer: Gwen felt like a pioneer because pioneers travel around with                                                      horses carrying supplies in carts. That was exactly what they were                                            doing.

Very Happy: As she was watching the Marietta residents help, a fireball of                                                     happiness started to form growing bigger and bigger.


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