Stuck Out of Town

Empty chapter 3

Tom and Niki drove too much and ran out of gas.


  1. In her house, Niki was looking out the window at the beach.
  2. She saw other people from her school and she wanted to go talk to them.
  3. She thought of a way to draw their attention instead of walking up to them and start talking.
  4. Then, Tom Harris came and asked her if she wanted to go buy ice-cream together.
  5. Tom borrowed Carlos's car to drive.
  6. They drove out of town and the car eventually ran out of gas.
  7. They managed to get to the nearest gas station but it had no gas left.
  8. They decided to walk and try to hitch a ride back to town.


What I Know

  • Brock, the team captain of the football team, had dumped Niki.
  • Although Brock dumped Niki, she still likes Brock.
  • Niki is the captain of the cheerleading squad.
  • She goes to a school named, "Sage Valley High."
  • She lives in a very rich family.
  • She wears contact lenses so she does not need to wear her glasses.
  • It costs approximately $30 for a gallon of gas.
  • The cellphones are holographic.
  • It is so hot that you can see the heat waves.



Shallow: Niki is shallow because she only cares about her beauty in what she wears and                      how she looks.

Rich: She is also very rich. I know because when she was at her house, the air                                 conditioning was on very high. Even though it costs a lot to use electricity. Also                   when she saw the gas prices, she said "So." That means the price was nothing                        to her.