The Blackout

Empty chapter 4

There is a blackout in Gwen's neighbourhood.


  1. Gwen and Luke who are riding on a motorcycle stopped alongside Tom and Niki.
  2. Luke brought Tom to get gas, which costs $40. Tom only had $30, so Gwen lent him $10.
  3. There was a blackout in her neighbourhood.
  4. Gwen was on her roof and she wanted to walk up onto the peak of her house. But Hector came and stopped her.
  5. Hector and Gwen talked about about their lives.
  6. Gwen went back into her house to sleep because she had nothing else to do.


What I Know

  • Luke owns a motorcycle.
  • There is no gas being transported to the gas stations.
  • Luke has a way to get gas.
  • Almost everything is made using oil.
  • Gwen has nail polish when nobody else has it.
  • She had met Hector at the deli.
  • Gwen was in the gymnastics team in her freshman years.
  • Hector like to watch science fiction on his TV.
  • There are no real books but only tablets to read from.



Deep: Hector is sometimes deep. I know because, when Gwen asked him about the                        stars and space, he said, "I suppose there is some larger plan, a bigger picture                      than we can ever be aware of."

Friendly: He is also friendly because he is always nice to Gwen and never mean.                                   Whenever they talk, they would never argue with each other. Hector would                            help Gwen whenever she needs it.