The Surprise

Empty chapter 5

Niki is asking Tom if he could go to her house for lunch.


  1. Tom is at school talking to Carlos and Gwen.
  2. Carlos and Tom were looking for lunch since the cafeteria was closed.
  3. Tom went out the school door and Niki was in her car in front of him. She asked Tom if he wanted to go to her house for lunch.
  4. On the way to her house, Tom saw Mr. Curtin and Tom talked to him.
  5. Niki and Tom drove to Marietta where her family had moved back to their lake-house.
  6. When they got to Niki's house, Tom was amazed at how big her house was.
  7. When she got into her house, there was a note on the table saying that her parents were not going to be home for a while.
  8. She said she always had liked Tom and asked him if he could go to the bonfire with her.
  9. Tom said he can and they kissed.


What I Know

  • Tom lives two miles away from Sage Valley High.
  • The school has no electricity, so the electric boards do not work.
  • Oil is used to generate heat.
  • Tom thinks Gwen is attractive.
  • Gwen and Luke have gas.
  • It was really cold the night before.
  • Niki drives a red sports car.
  • Brock broke up with Niki again.
  • Mr. Curtin now lives closer to the school.
  • Venenzuala is bluffing, they are actually dangerously low on oil.
  • Ms. Curtin has a PHP in bio-engineering.
  • There is a Shell gas station (the only gas station with gas), in Marietta.
  • The doors of Niki's lake house opens with a remote control.
  • Niki is going to the bonfire with Tom.
  • Niki likes Tom.


Mr. Curtin

Nice: Mr. Curtin is nice because he does not yell at people. He talks calmly and he is very             gentle to others. Even Carlos chose the writing class just because Mr. Curtin                         teaches it.

Energy Efficient: He is energy efficient because he uses energy as least as possible. He                                        was even digging a cellar in his front yard to store food instead of                                            using a refrigerator.