The Bonfire

Empty Chapter 6

The Marietta students are siphoning the gas from the cars.


  1. Niki was preparing for the bonfire, but she couldn't find any more contact lenses.
  2. Niki's mom told her that her Dad was laid off.
  3. Her dad came back home really drunk.
  4. When her dad heard that Niki was cold, he turned on the fireplace and started to throw in wooden furniture saying that the wood can keep the fire burning.
  5. When Tom had come to pick her up, she was relieved to leave her house to go to the bonfire with Tom.
  6. At the bonfire, some Marietta students were siphoning gas from the cars in the parking lot. That caused a big fight between the Sage Valley and Marietta students.


What I Know

  • Since there is a gas shortage, there is no one who has fuel to drive the contact lenses to her town.
  • Niki's mom, Kate, is petite and blonde.
  • Niki's dad, George, had drank too much and was crazy.
  • Niki could not see properly at the bonfire because she did not have her contact lenses at the moment.
  • There is a bonfire every year and the Sage Valley/Marietta students both go to it.
  • A fight had started because people found out that the Marietta students were siphoning gas.



Scared: Niki was scared when her father started throwing furniture into the fireplace.                      He was really drunk, which made her father go crazy. She was also scared that                       her father might hurt her mother.

Did not want to be alone: Niki did not want to be alone because Tom had left her to                                                            see what was going on. The Brock came over to check if she                                                        was okay, then he left her too. When Brock was leaving she                                                        said "No, don't leave me!" That means she does not want                                                            to be alone.