Illegal Gas

Empty Chapter 7

Luke and Gwen are storing gasoline in their house.


  1. Gwen is reading a book titled "Residential Wind Turbines".
  2. Luke and his friends (Mark and Rat) had illegally bought gas from the black market and brought them to Luke and Gwen's house.
  3. Gwen helped them store the gasoline and closed the blinds/curtains.
  4. She lay on her roof and thought about her mother who had left Luke and Gwen to be with her boyfriend Richard.
  5. Tom had walked to Gwen's house so he can get some gas for his truck.
  6. Tom told Gwen about what happened at the bonfire and he needed gas.
  7. Gwen went inside and filled up gasoline from each container so Luke would not find out that there is gas missing from the containers.                    


What I Know

  • Luke buys some gas from a person who sells unauthorized gasoline from the black market.
  • Luke sells the gas for money in order to buy food for them to eat.
  • They have enough gasoline for their old furnace and small generator.
  • Gwen thinks that it is dangerous to store gasoline in their house.
  • Tom was in a big fight at the bonfire, leaving him with bruises, a nosebleed and a car without gas.
  • Tom did not know that Gwen was her neighbour.
  • Tom went to Gwen's house to get gas, not to be with her.



Injured: Tom was physically injured because he had to save Carlos who was getting                       beaten up by two Marietta students at the big fight at the bonfire. Tom helped                   Carlos.

Worried: Tom is worried about his car. It has a broken windshield. He wants to get the                     car back to his house before anything more happens to it. That is why he went                 to Gwen's house to get gas to drive his truck home.