The Fire

Empty Chapter 8

Gwen and Luke's house are on fire.


  1. In the parking lot, Tom and Gwen filled up gasoline into Tom's truck.
  2. When they were leaving the parking lot, a policeman asked them questions about the big fight and the gas siphoning.
  3. As they drove to their houses, there was a house on fire.
  4. It was Gwen's house that was on fire.
  5. Gwen was suddenly gone while Tom was talking to her.
  6. Tom tried to find Gwen, but she was already gone.


What I know

  • Tom got some gas, so he could drive back to his house.
  • A policeman stopped them and asked about what happened at the fight.
  • The policeman tested Gwen's breath to see if she was siphoning gas, because he smelled gas on her.
  • Gwen's house was on fire.
  • Gwen suddenly disappeared as she did not want the police finding the stored gasoline in her house.



Fast Thinker: Gwen is a fast thinker because she could make up the answers right away                               when the police asked her some questions.

Calm: Gwen is always calm in most situations. She stayed calm and didn't show that she               is in a panic state when the police asked her questions.