The Mess

Empty Chapter 9

Niki went into her house and everything in her living room was scattered all over the place.


  1. Stephy (a girl on Niki's cheerleading squad) drove Niki to her lake house in Marietta.
  2. Stephy was amazed at the gigantic houses.
  3. Stephy was afraid that she was going to run out of gas before she got home.
  4. Niki gave Stephy $100 to buy gas.
  5. Stephy received a text message saying that Sage Valley has electricity again.
  6. Niki went in her home and was shocked at the furniture scattered everywhere.
  7. She realized that her father had created this mess.
  8. She found her mother sitting on a couch listening to a radio.
  9. Niki did not feel safe because of the possibility of a super-hurricane that is predicted to invade the area.


What I Know

  • Stephy is on Niki's cheerleading squad.
  • Sage Valley has electricity again.
  • Niki's father had wrecked the whole living room.
  • Her mother said that they did not pay the bills, so their house had no electricity.
  • Niki heard on the radio that there were two hurricanes that can possibly merge together to form the first ever super-hurricane.



Kind: Niki is kind because she had given Stephy $100 for free to buy gas so she can get           back home.

Scared: Niki was scared because everything in her living room was broken and                             scattered everywhere. She also thought that something had happened to her                   Mom.