Japanese Modern Drawing

Characterics & Statistics

Shojo & Shonen

  • Shojo is stories about real sittuations.
  • Shonen's are stories with a lot of action in them and they are usually the ones that are translated.


  • About 1/3 of all books sold in Japan are Manga.
  • About 1/2 of all movies sold in Japan are Anime.


  • The general characteristics are loosely drawn hair styles simple eyes and small almost invisible noses.
  • There are tons of ways to draw those features leading to largely varying artistic preferences.


  • It translates from Japanese to English as "Whimsical Pictures"
  • It is basically just a style so they started out being single pictures but it has evolved into also including books.
  • Based on how characters are usually drawn which is pretty straight forward it is possoble to guess a characters presonality before they talk or if your lucky what they'll say.
Manga/Anime style Character


  • They are designed to be kawaii which is cute in Japanese.
  • They are most often used to represent children and with two chibis side by side the one who sports the larger eyes is younger.
Little Chibi Girl Sweeping


  • Anime is short for the word animeshiyon which translates into animation in English.
  • The big difference between manga and anime is that anime is a special name for aminated versions of manga.
  • Quite often one anime can appeal to people with extreme differences in preferences because they include both Shojo and Shonen elments.
  • With super popular mangas or animes especially it is reformatted to include english subtitles or be translated to english.
My Neighbour Totoro is a manga and anime that has both action and family. It was also translated to english.


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