My Name Is Dylan

I am a gamer (and very proud to be one as well). One of my favorite game to play is minecraft. I play this a lot, because it's fun to play with friends and it's educational.

I own two dogs one is a golden retriever, and the other is a chihuahua. We have only recently that we got Buster (the chihuahua) and we've owned Josie (the golden retriever) for about 4 years.

My favorite water sport to is wake boarding. It's like surfing, but you have a lead to hold on too, and instead of ridding waves, a boat pulls you.

My favorite social media is instagram. Instagram is a social media that you can post pictures on and write captions under it. You can also post 15 second videos.

My best source of entertainment is YouTube is a website where people post videos about literally anything. There is a tutorial for anything, there is a Math video for everything.