Future tackk

This year my life will hopefully change for the better on a multiple of fronts. Although it may be a cliché I plan on doing better in school and exercising over the summer vacation, and continuing on my path to get accepted into the naval academy. I plan on quitting my current job of being a referee for soccer games, and doing something a bit more constant flow of money. I also will hopefully visit Sweden for the first time in seven years and see my father and his side of the family. I also look to a good start to junior year.

In 26 years, I believe that tensions between the U.S and the middle east will have come to past and these terrorist groups, such as ISIS, will have come and gone. I believe life expectancy. Will have reached into the 90s and new methods of body conservation will be prominent. I believe India will have the largest population in the world and will have a crisis on their hands. Although there will be many new things, I don't believe they will have kept making IPhones!

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3 years ago

Max, good ideas. Make sure that you proofread by reading your work out loud; you have a number of errors. Ask me if you have any questions about them.