The Ten Plagues of Egypt
By Billy Bossong

In the beginning, God commanded Moses and Aaron to do certain things to set off different plagues sent by God to not devastate all of Egypt, but to send a message to the new pharaoh to let the Jewish, Israelite slaves free. Time and time again, the pharaoh refused as God sent more plagues that not only affected Egypt but the pharaoh as well.

1. Water to blood- God commanded Aaron to stick the top half of his staff into the river Nile. Moses did as he was told and all of water in Egypt turned into blood. For seven days, Egyptians lived without water and an awful stench and from dead fish in the Nile.

3. Lice- God commanded Moses and Aaron to take the staff and strike at the dust. Once the staff struck the ground, gnats came upon men and animals. Every little piece of dust in Egypt turned to lice.

4. Wild Animals or Flies- The Lord said, "Let my people go. If thy refuses, I will send swarms of flies on your people and in your houses as well as I will put wild animals to roam and menace the entire land of Egypt." The pharaoh asked Moses to remove this plague and he would let the israelites go at once. However, after this plague, the Lord hardened pharaoh's heart, and the israelites stayed in Egypt.

5. Diseased livestock- The fifth plague was and epidemic disease that exterminated all livestock in the land of Egypt. That is horses, donkeys, cattle, camels, and sheep. The israelite's cattle went unharmed however, pharaoh made no concessions.

6. Boils- The sixth plague was a skin disease that is translated to Boils in English.God commanded Aaron and Moses both to take two handfuls of soot from the furnace and scatter it skyward in pharaoh's presents.The soot induced festering eruptions on Egyptian men and livestock. Egyptian sorcerers were also afflicted and unable to heal themselves much less the rest of Egypt.

7. Hail and Storms of Fire- God commanded Moses to stretch his staff skyward. This plague was evidently supernatural than the other plagues. Showers of fire and hail rained upon Egypt. The storm damaged crops as well as people and livestock. Pharaoh asked Moses to remove this plague and promised to allow the israelite slaves to pray and worship God saying "I have sinned father. Me and my people are wicked." the storm stopped as soon as Moses began praying. As you can probably guess, the pharaoh "hardened his heart" and refused to keep his promise.

8. Locusts- Moses came to pharaoh and warned him of the impending swarm of locusts that was soon to come. Pharaoh's officials begged pharaoh to let the israelites go rather than to suffer in agony to the swarm of locusts. He proposed a compromise. It was to let the israelites go but the men, women, children, and livestock would remain in Egypt. Moses told Pharaoh God's demand that every last person in Egypt should go. Pharaoh refused and on came the locusts. God commanded Moses to stretch out his staff over Egypt and the wind picked up. The swarm covered the sky casting a shadow over Egypt. The locusts devoured crops and everything left in the land of Egypt. Again, Pharaoh promised to allow the the israelites to worship God in the desert if Moses removed this awful plague. God sent a wind that blew the swarm into the Red Sea and they all disappeared. He also hardened Pharaoh's heart and Pharaoh did not allow the israelites to leave.

9. Darkness- God commanded Moses to stretch his hands up to the sky and bring darkness upon Egypt. The darkness was so heavy you could physically feel it. For three days, people had to rely on their senses not including sight to get around. Pharaoh again agreed to let the israelites leave however, he said they had to sacrifice their cattle and sheep to go. Moses required the Pharaoh to let the israelites  take their livestock with them. Pharaoh enraged and threatened to execute Moses if he should again appear before the pharaoh. Moses replied that he would indeed not visit the Pharaoh again.

10. Death to the Firstborn- God commanded Moses to inform the Jews to put lamb's blood on their doorposts so that the Lord would passover their doors for the reason that i'm about to explain. At about midnight, the Lord would go through Egypt and kill every firstborn child including Pharaoh's oldest son. The saddened, furious, and heartbroken Pharaoh ordered the Israelites to leave at once and take everything they needed. They didn't hesitate for the reason that they knew Pharaoh would change his mind which he did. Moses eventually escaped and led the israelites out of Egypt with their arms upraised. As you can see in the picture above, a woman is holding a dead child while others cry with her.

Frogs- God commanded Moses to stretch his staff over the water and out came hordes of millions and billions of frogs. Wherever Egyptians

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