Zinc  by Jenna Rustick

Atomic Number 30.

Atomic Mass 65

Zinc is solid in it's original form

Element properties-Blueish/white color. Zinc is a metal that is brittal and is mallable.

This element is found in Austrailia, New Zealand, and U.S.A.

Zinc is processed by metal workers that use zinc to form any shape that they desire. The metal worker use die-casting to shape it into the parts that they need.

Zinc is used in the batteries of the phone. Scientist are combining zinc with other metals such as silver and copper to make longer lasting batteries to improve phone life.

Humans digest zinc everyday, but when scientist combine zinc with other elements it becomes toxic to people. Throwing phones into landfills cases the elements to seep throw the garbage and go into to drinking water which cases problems for humans.

To recycle this element you need to drop it off at a special recycling center.

Zinc is the 4th most commonly consumed metal. Zinc is present in red blood cells and your pancreas.

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